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Deconstruction is the practice of salvaging most material from  your old home or property, by carefully and methodically, taking the structure apart, and preserving all materials for reuse or resale, materials like fixtures, sheet-rock, wood studs to mention a few.
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Deconstruction usually takes more time and cost  a bit more, but also puts some money on your pocket!

Benefit of Deconstruction

When you decide to have a deconstruction, you may be eligible for a huge tax deduction, and that alone can offset the total cost of the project, and also many of the deconstruction material can be recycled, reused or sold.

Deconstruction Puts money in your Pocket

DeconstrctionWhen choosing demolition, Efast can recycle an average 80% of the deconstructed material,  an appraiser can easily give more information regarding the tax deduction amount for your particular project.

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Our on-site free estimates is a great help, we come to your site and analyses your demolition needs, and the propose a budget that is fair and honest and fits your budget, with a detailed timeframe of our demolition work, we always finishing our demolition project on time and within agreed budget.
Another great incentive is a Tax Benefit, why not have Efast Demolition deconstructing your home, our experienced deconstruction team will carefully save all the deconstructed materials, for later reuse, recycle, donation or resale.

We're an Eco-Friendly local green demolition company in the Bay Area, offering affordable deconstruction of buildings, houses, debris, concrete, swimming pool, interior exterior.

When you recycle and the reuse of building materials using the deconstruction option you are also keeping from the landfills!

Commercial Demolition Bay Area

Affordable solutions for any deconstruction project, whether you need more room for your business, or are in the process of renovation, Efast can provide professional  demolition services ranging from interior strip out services, gut demolition, roof stripping, flooring removals, interior and exterior demolition, partial remodel to complete structure removal.

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  • ServicesBuilding Wrecking

Complete removal of structures, in their entirety, down to dirt.

  • ServicesBuilding Strip Outs

Precise removal of interior and exterior finishes, building structural elements from a residential or commercial property for later reuse or recycle.

  • ServicesInterior Demolition

Selective demolition of interior services, typically performed prior to a remodel or renovation.

  • ServicesSelective and Controlled Demolition

Removal of one or more parts of a structure, awhile making sure the surrounding area is not affected.

Efast Demotion Services will reduce or completely eliminate waste on our remodeling or new construction projects. Demolition and construction debris generates lots of debris, which in most cases are not recycled or reused.

A great part of these debris could be recycled or reused when you choose deconstruction instead of Demolition, Efast can salvage an average of 70% of this material for reuse or recycle.



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