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We offer cost-effective office junk removal services for your company, get rid of that old desk or any junk material that accumalates over the years, like that room with large amounts of trash and debris, that must be disposed of somehow.

We offer cost-effective office junk removal service, get rid of old appliances, computer monitors, desks and even cubicle remodeling debris and rubbish.
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Most business will accumulate junk over the year, and it usually get stored in some room or corner of your office space, now you can reclaim lost space and even increase productivity by hiring a junk removal company at affordable rates.
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EFast Office junk removal service will clean out your office space and properly dispose of old office appliances and furniture in a responsible and eco-friendly way.
Let us do all the heavy lifting, loading and hauling for you, all you have to do is to make one call or schedule Online for your Free on-site Estimate - no compromise!
We will come to your office within a 1 to 2 hours window frame, once we arrive, just relax and watch get the job done FAST! If you live in the Contra Costa Bay Area - no Problem - We got you covered, just check  JUnk removal San Ramon our sister company for junk removal and hauling services in San Ramon - your local company to call!
Also Serving Redwood City, Woodside, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Cupertino, Milpitas, San Jose, Campbel, Los Altos, East Foothills and nearby cities!
Most of your old office appliances and electronics will be either donated or recycled, we try to keep most of the office junk removal items out of the landfill, because we care for the environment.

Professional office junk removal services SF

Office Junk Appliances and Electronics we Remove.

Junk removal bay area

  • EFast Junk RemovalAir Conditionersjunk removed
  • EFast Junk RemovalStereosjunk removed
  • EFast Junk RemovalFreezersjunk removed
  • EFast Junk RemovalRefrigeratorsjunk removed
  • EFast Junk RemovalMicrowavesjunk removed
  • EFast Junk RemovalWater Heatersjunk removed
  • EFast Junk RemovalOld Computersjunk removed
  • EFast Junk RemovalPrinters & Monitorsjunk removed
  • EFast Junk RemovalScannersjunk removed
Affordable office junk removal company Bay AreaWe have trained junk removal professionals that will go over your office items such as old furniture and electronics and sort them out for later processing. We will go over every corner of your office space and make room for the new!
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EFast Junk Removal uniformed clean out crew is friendly and experienced and will follow your instruction as to how you want the rooms to be cleaned, your complete satisfaction is our main goal.
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Our junk removal team will reclaim your office space back in no time, we do that everyday for numerous customers and clients, so we now how to get the office junk removal done right and expediently.

Some of the Office Furniture we Remove...

Office junks removal bay area

Junk removal bay area

  • EFast Junk RemovalOffice Chairsjunk removed
  • EFast Junk RemovalDesksjunk removed
  • EFast Junk RemovalOffice Appliance Tablesjunk removed
  • EFast Junk RemovalOffice Computer Desksjunk removed
  • EFast Junk RemovalOffice Monitor Standsjunk removed
  • EFast Junk RemovalCouches from a sitting roomjunk removed
  • EFast Junk RemovalCubiclesjunk removed

Your Professional Choice for Office Junk Removal

E Fast Junk Removal services are done responsibly, we care for the environment and use safe and eco-friendly solutions for your business junk removal services, we sort them accordingly so you don’t need to worry about their disposal.
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We make sure that your old furniture junk removal, and your electronics junk removal always get done properly, some items might be recycled, other donated, but they will for sure be disposed of in an eco-friendly responsible way.

Professional office junk removal services SF


E Fast Junk Removal handles all types office junk including:

Junk removal bay area

  • EFast Junk RemovalComputersjunk removed
  • EFast Junk RemovalFurniturejunk removed
  • EFast Junk RemovalCubiclesjunk removed
  • EFast Junk RemovalMonitorsjunk removed
  • EFast Junk RemovalPrintersjunk removed
  • EFast Junk RemovalCardboard Boxesjunk removed
  • EFast Junk RemovalLarge trash itemsjunk removed
  • EFast Junk Removal..and much more!junk removed


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